terms & conditions

We are delighted to be able to start our return to gymnastics. All our pre-lockdown timetables are no longer correct due to the restrictions on numbers and protocols for arriving at the gym and leaving the gym, if you have a class query please email info@namixx.co.uk
After months of inactivity, coaches have been advised to plan a phased, fun, and inclusive return to activity by ensuring that all gymnasts’ physical and mental health is considered. This means gymnasts may have to practice certain skills more than others at this time. Due to capacity restrictions, groups may be split and gymnasts may be asked to practice in certain areas of the gym to ensure social distancing guidelines are adhered to. Sessions may also be shorter in length to allow time for extra cleaning and crossover of classes within the venue.

Government guidelines
Not before Monday 17th May – indoor gymnastics for groups of over 18s and free roam preschool gymnastics and parent and child groups
Not before Monday 21st June – gymnastics sessions with fewer restrictionsWe must enjoy our return to gymnastics in Covid-secure environments and we continue to follow the recommended guidelines that have been implemented to combat the coronavirus.
This includes:
Washing hands regularly
Staying away from gymnastics if you feel unwell
Social distancing
Listening to instructions from your coaches and instructor
Getting ready before your session as changing rooms are unavailable
Bringing your training aids if necessary

Covid 19 Risk Assessment
Before returning to the gym, it is important that everyone familiarises themselves with the risk assessment and shares this information with their gymnasts. 

General Procedures
Please do not come to the gym if your child is showing any signs of COVID-19.
Gymnasts will need to come dressed for the gym, with hair tied back. The changing rooms are closed.
All gymnasts will need to bring a bag or box big enough to put all their things in, including shoes and jumpers, they will keep this with them throughout the session.
Doors will be open in the gym for ventilation so please dress accordingly.
If possible, please make sure gymnasts have gone to the toilet before arriving at the gym. However, there are toilet facilities available. 
Coaches have to adhere to social distancing rules unless in an emergency
Gymnasts will need to do their shoes up, slip-on shoes are advisable
Gymnasts will be asked to use sanitiser or wash hands during the session, you are welcome to bring your hand sanitiser.
Gymnasts will be socially distancing in the gym from each other and the coaches.
Equipment will be cleaned by coaches between each gymnast’s turn.
There will be a break between each group to clean the equipment.

Reporting Concerns 
 If you are concerned about any matters regarding Covid-19 at your child’s gymnastics facility, in the first instance contact the Covid-19 Officer or representative or the Welfare Officer or Safeguarding Officer who is Bianca Lawal. To report safeguarding concerns, in the first instance contact your Welfare or Safeguarding Officer.

Club Attire 
All gymnasts are required to wear club uniform during classes and competitions.

Disruptive and Inappropriate Behaviour
The ethos of our gym is to be kind, respectful, and mindful of all. Children and adults who attend classes will be asked to sign an agreement to ensure that these three requirements are always upheld & met.
In the case of an adult or child becoming verbally/physically abusive, it is at the head coach discretion to terminate your membership. We pride ourselves in not only teaching your children how to become great athletes but also great little humans.

No refunds or credit will be issued once a class has been paid for. In the event a child cannot complete the remainder of a term’s sessions due to a medical condition, a credit note will only be considered on production of a signed, valid and dated doctor’s note with a full explanation of the illness. 

If holidays taken within course dates, we will not decrease the price of the course. Full payment for the course must still be made and no refunds will be given for weeks missed due to holidays. 

If you would like to cancel your course at any given time a refund will not be issued. Cancellation must be given by email to our admin team.

Drop Off
We ask parents to please escort their children into the venue (Drop off area) and take a seat in the spectator’s assigned area that we provide for parents and cares.
Please ensure you do not arrive to the venue until 5minutes prior to the start of the class.